Saturday, September 18, 2010

Questions for the Candidates: Montgomery County Board of Education


I am a teacher in Montgomery County contacting candidates running for the Board of Education. I'm hoping you would be willing to take a few moments to answer three questions I am posing to the candidates. Your responses would be published on my blog, (unless you stipulate otherwise). My intention is to "recommend" to followers of my blog candidates who are strongest on reform. Thank you for your consideration.


Mike McCabe

1. What would you consider the biggest weakness of the current teacher evaluation system in Montgomery County? What should be done to address this weakness?

2. Pay for MCPS teachers is currently decided by a seniority system. If consensus could be reached on a new evaluation system, would you support a merit based pay scale to reward the highest performing teachers?

3. What are your reflections on Michelle Rhee? Should the search committee consider interviewing her for the Superintendent position?

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