Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Old news from Baltimore

I've been having some conversations with union leadership. Mostly, I've become very discouraged with the way MCEA and MCPS have reacted to changes coming around the bend. Will MCPS be left behind? I read things like the quote below from a Sun editorial way too often.

Although some Maryland school districts -- including Montgomery County, the state's largest -- have resisted modifying the way teachers are evaluated, Baltimore City embraced the concept because it could bring millions of new dollars to its cash-starved school system.

Which leaves me to wonder whether my original decision to come to Montgomery County will eventually become an impetus to leave. Montgomery County Public Schools has long been the highest paying school district in the state. Can we manage to maintain that edge in the current political and economic climate?

I don't believe we can when I continue to read posts like this one from Tom Israel, exective director of MCEA. The language of MCEA and MCPS must change, and change now. Money. Real money, is on the line. Hopefully, it's not already too late.

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