Sunday, April 25, 2010

PAR data

Found all the data on the Peer Assistance and Review evaluation system on this page. A couple of thoughts: 1) Why are so few tenured teachers referred (I'll dig up some answers)? 2) Should we even spend these considerable resources on struggling teachers? For instance, what if Consulting Teachers (professionals in charge of evaluating the new and under performing teachers on PAR) were helping the mediocre teachers become master teachers instead of making ineffective teachers marginally less so? 3) We have a stick in place (though perhaps under utilized), but what is the carrot for the vast majority of Montgomery County teachers? Race to the Top seems to address this through some kind of incentivized pay system. But if 95% of teachers are not in need of the "stick" after year 1, the county and MCEA would do well to introduce some carrots.

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