Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Montgomery County Public Schools evaluation system.

So I was looking at Montgomery County's "model" evaluation system here. Some very interesting stuff, with some good comparisons to other systems that have Peer Assistance and Review programs. I'm looking for more data, but here is some provided in the Education Week article. Please note that all novice (read: new) teachers are put into the PAR program, while tenured teachers must be referred by adminstrators.


Year: 2007-08
Total novices: 446
Nonrenewed: 16 (3.6%)
Granted 2nd year of PAR: 32 (7.2%)


(teachers on staff: 9,371)
Year: 2007-08
Teachers in intervention: 9
Dismissed: 7
Resigned/retired: 0
Extra year of intervention: 2
Successful return
to classroom: 0

Nine tenured teachers referred to the system for the 07-08 school year. None of them deemed worthy of returning to the normal professional growth system. Seven dismissed. This system cannot be valuable if so few tenured teachers are referred, and those that are referred are dismissed. How many teachers would have been dismissed if that number were 900 rather than 9? How many teachers could benefit from being in the PAR program?

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