Saturday, May 1, 2010

Make Administrators Accountable for Student Achievement

Recent debate about Race to the Top funds has centered around whether teachers should be held accountable for student achievement. But I have not seen much discussion of holding administrators accountable for the student achievement that occurs in their school. This might be even more important than holding teachers accountable. If principals were held accountable, they would actually have an incentive to get rid of ineffective teachers. Currently, principals fail to get rid of most ineffective teachers because its too much of a pain... guilt, documentation, time, effort, and for what? It's easier just to let them slide by. After all, principals are not punished when an ineffective teacher continues to teach in their building. But what if they were? What if their salaries were determined by the amount of learning that occured in their building? I'd bet you'd see alot more ineffective teachers dismissed than we do now.

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